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Individual diet specialisation in sparrows is driven by phenotypic plasticity in traits related to trade‐offs in animal performance

K Maldonado, SD Newsome, P Razeto‐Barry, JM Ríos, G Piriz, P Sabat
Ecology letters 22 (1), 128-137
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Coping with salt water habitats: metabolic and oxidative responses to salt intake in the rufous-collared sparrow

P Sabat, C Narváez, I Peña-Villalobos, C Contreras, K Maldonado, ...
Frontiers in physiology 8, 654
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Testing the niche variation hypothesis in a community of passerine birds

K Maldonado, F Bozinovic, SD Newsome, P Sabat
Ecology 98 (4), 903-908
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Temporal variation in isotopic composition of Pygoscelis penguins at Ardley Island, Antarctic: Are foraging habits impacted by environmental change?

P Negrete, M Sallaberry, G Barceló, K Maldonado, F Perona, RAR McGill, ...
Polar Biology 40 (4), 903-916
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